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CEO MESSAGE Quality and timely delivery remains the veritable password of the company. Everything the company has achieved and continues to build today is derived from its commitment to quality and its endeavor to bring all processes of production integrated under its ambit. We don't have one single strategy to compete against so many and so diverse rivals; but I would suggest that most of our strategies boil down to what can be best expressed with a single sentence: We always strive harder to satisfy our customer's requirements. Our commitment to service and quality, our leader - ship of the markets in which we participate, and the results: the satisfaction of our customers, our success, our growth. Khalid Saif Al Hajari CEO Hattrek Tailoring INTRODUCTION Hattrek is a textile company that has been started in August 2012 and is tailoring all kind of sports dresses and fashion dress with customized size and design according to all customers desire. We are located in Qatar and Oman and The main target market includes VIP clients that require higher price with the highest-quality design and will distribute its textile apparel whole middle east. Hattrek is a company that will create a brand concept consisting textile apparel and will utilize multiple channels of distribution. The mission is to establish an important brand that represents quality in textile sports dresses. ABOUT US Based in the nice Capital of Qatar, The Hattrek Tailoring have a network of Tailoring Sports and Fashion dresses for all kind, Printing, Embroidering Weaving & Stitching units under own setup. Furthermore, Hattrek Tailoring has a team of highly profes - sional Tailors and technical sta with standardized working system. We are in a continuous process of expansion, enhancement and incorporating the latest tech - nological innovations in order to ensure our customers the best possible quality in Sport and Fashion Textiles. Most importantly of all these, Hattrek Tailoring is proud of its driving force by dynamic, well qualified and highly skilled management having deep knowledge in all aspects of Tailoring business. Established in 2012 as a Sport and Fashion busi - ness house, Hattrek Tailoring soon becomes one of the best sport dress tailoring shop in Qatar. Hattrek Tailoring, has an annual turnover which exceeds US$ O.5 million. The success behind quick, high quality, customer satisfaction, production and Fast delivery, is our composite unit. Hattrek Tailoring, having production units of Weav - ing, Dyeing, Printing & Stitching is capable of producing multi orders, fast and good quality products according to requirements any requirement. Our stringent commitment to Global standards of Quality has seen us grow phenomenally over the last decade, to create a niche of our own, in the highly com - petitive world markets. Our unchallenged variety of products are already a rage in Qatar. Utmost care is taken to maintain Quality standards across all stages of production. This is made possible due to our state-of–the–art production and tailor - ing facility. VISSION To Manufacture Textile Product comparable international standers to be customer focused and globally competitive through better quality latest technology and continues innovation. MISSION - To become the competition of the larger and costlier service within the Qatar High-quality manufacturing and research on Textile and apparel industry. Dedicated to customer service the business will give its patrons the kind of service that is respectful and prompt. - Employees of the company to be treated in a professional manner with a rewarding work environment and fair compensation. - Each customer to feel as though he or she has received fifth-star treatment at a bargain price. - To become the recognized leader in the target market using Strong Marketing Campaign. - To expand the operations nationwide. - To exist to attract and maintain consumers. OBJECTIVE AND GOALS Implementing specific measures for customer satisfaction. Building a good reputation in the industry. Increasing assets and capitalization for future expansion. OUR PRODUCT AND SERVICES 1) Uniforms (AllKinds) 2) Sport Dresses 3) Fashion Dresses 4) Men’s Dresses 5) Women Dresses 6) Children’s Dresses 7) Embroidering, 8) Screen Printing Sticker, Batches, logos Etc.
Othman Bin Affan St, Aziziya


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